Pearl with diamond, Mother of Diamond, SEASHELL, Pearl gold necklace, Elongated Gold Pearl necklace, 14K Gold, Designer jewelry for women

SEASHELL ELONGATED PEARL To the sounds of the sea, the seashell whispers the secret of this exceptional pearl. Every item is unique and the images shown are approximate and are only an indication of the shape chosen. Above 15% difference where the length is on the longer side. Colors range from Off White to Light Pink To send you your favorite shape we will match a pearl very similar to your selection. The Pearl size is 11-15mm. Every piece of jewelry is supplied with an original certificate. --- PREFERRED --- HANGER: Jump Ring, Through the Pearl SHAPE SELECTION: A, B, C, D Choose you're preferred before checkout. Contact us for more information Please note that you may be charged taxes by your country's customs, please check this before you purchase.

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