Color Enhanced Diamonds

Color Enhanced Diamonds

Sometimes we hear the concept of treated diamonds, Many of us do not understand the meaning of treated diamonds and sometimes even think they are synthetic diamonds, which is not true.

Enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds originating from diamond mines. The difference is that they undergo special treatments that are designed to improve their color and cleanliness. The diamond polishers, guided by the diamond cutters, make every effort to extract a perfect diamond stone and clean them, but can not get rid of them by polishing.

Modern technology has found ways to handle diamonds and improve their appearance. Diamond handling enables an improved look of the diamond to eliminate and obscure the imperfections. They make it possible to improve the diamond’s cleanliness at a level of two or more grades. Diamonds are undergoing procedures to improve the appearance of the diamond, whether it is in color or the degree of cleanliness, and are therefore sold at reduced prices from untreated diamonds. But on the other hand, they get the same glittering look. Regarding the consumer, this is an excellent opportunity to obtain diamonds with a high degree of cleanliness and at a significantly lower price than untreated diamonds.




Availability: the color enhanced diamonds are available in any shape, size, quality and quantity.

Price: the price of the color enhanced diamonds substantially lower than the natural color diamonds.

Beauty: the beauty of the color enhanced diamonds open new options for jewelry designers.

Up to date fashion: jewelry with the color enhanced diamonds looks fashionable, elegant and unique.

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