What makes The Tennis Bracelet So Popular?

What makes The Tennis Bracelet So Popular?

Of all kinds of jewelry that can improve your look, add some glamour to your daily routine and even help us express our own style – the bracelets are up there at the end of the list.

But because of the huge number of styles of bracelets, it is sometimes difficult to choose the bracelet that will do us the best. Usually, when buying a bracelet, you should consider questions such as: When will I wear it? What clothes? And what exactly will I do when I wear the bracelet because I want to be comfortable and not want to lose it?

It is usually preferable to have a wide range of bracelets in a variety of styles, in any case, which will not come, but one of the bracelets that we really need to have is the tennis bracelet.

A tennis bracelet has become a favorite jewel that can be found in all jewelry stores, online or regular, throughout the country. But despite this popularity, some people hear the words “tennis bracelet” for the first time. Do they not know what exactly is meant and what is the connection between tennis and the fancy bracelet?

The truth is that this will be just and there is a historical connection between the bracelet and tennis.

How did the bracelet get the name “tennis bracelet”?

It all began before 1987 when the jewelry designer George Bedewi designed the bracelet called “The Bracelet of Eternity”.

The special name – a tennis bracelet – was accepted by the jewel following a mishap with the bracelet that involved the tennis player Chris Evert. Everett was an outstanding athlete who won many awards during her career including Wimbledon, Australian Open and more. During the US Open game in 1987, the bracelet of eternity bracelet was broken, and the bracelet fell on the tennis surface. Everett asked the judges to stop the game until the bracelet was found, thereby attracting the attention of the general public to both the event and the bracelet.

In an instant, the eternal bracelet became popular, and many jewelers began to produce the new bracelet called “tennis bracelet” to try to keep up with the demand for this bracelet.

What characterizes a tennis bracelet?

A classic tennis bracelet is a flexible bracelet with diamonds, usually of the same size, attached to each other around the perimeter of the entire bracelet and secured together with a secure buckle. Even though the term usually refers to diamond bracelets, there are also versions of colored stone bracelets that have adopted the name tennis bracelet.

A tennis bracelet – a luxury bracelet

Tennis bracelets have become a luxury addition to any jewelry collection and are considered a great gift for special events such as anniversary, graduation, birthdays or any other special event.        

The design of a tennis bracelet makes it ideal for women who lead an active and busy lifestyle. The design offers a variety that can be worn during the working day or worn in the evening as an elegant addition to a special outfit for an official event.

Close-fitting design intensifies the wrist of people – young or old – and can be achieved with any amount of wrist. Diamonds can be embedded in a bracelet made of yellow gold, white gold or platinum. And the diamonds themselves can be in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Deciding what is the best tennis bracelet for you is quite personal. And in any case, the market offers tennis bracelets to fit the style and budget of everyone so that anyone can find the tennis bracelet suitable for his needs and tastes.

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